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23-Julie Mellor(02:26)
"..I avoided anyone who believed in God"
24-Michael Davey(04:00)
25-Michael Davey(01:32)
"..it was a miracle..."
Chris Yuan(02:20)
Chris Yuan(06:00)
".. prisoner to professor.."
20-Rev Dean Mattern(05:21)
"I smoked Leviticus .. "
11-Rev Wayne Tildsley(02:43)
10-Rev Lee Weisell(03:15)
09-Ps Tony Gibson(02:21)
21-Greg Dalton(03:16)
"knives, axes, regular beatings .. "
22-Rev Kevin Wood(03:25)
"..a 38 pistol put to your temple"
19-Ps David Ayambo(03:15)
"I had to forgive those who butchered my father .. "
18-Brandon Chaplin(02:42)
"Chaplain of AFL team"
01-Aisha Isah(01:03)
"I was was a muslim for 20 years .."
". last effort to find God .. in Kempsey prison. "
02-Ps Graham Harris(01:41)
"at age 16 I was an alcoholic .."
03-Ps Alan Parker(01:51)
". I was angry & hated people ."
14-Bob Shepherd(02:37)
".. I started with petty crime & graduated .. "
15-Marcus Gordon(02:05)
".. the guitar was my life .. "
16-Prem Wills(03:10)
". being a Hindu I thought I was a good person. "
17-Ps Nigel Merrick(02:55)
".. thought moving .. would solve all my problems.. "
12-Anne Wilson(03:20)
".. my heart was broken & children fatherless.. "
13-Bernie Maher(02:49)
".. spent lunch time in my car reading magazines .. "
05-Aaron Trevis(01:55)
".. Christians .. weak minded people .. "
06-Ps Gary Whitney(02:45)
".. publican to Pastor .."